F..k this

Right.  F*ck this. F*ck that. F*ck the lot. Though it’s only a few days since this I just made itself known, I’ve been wallowing in utter pity. Been eating fatty foods, in huge… Continue reading

I have to confess

I don’t know that I should be writing this post. I’ve replayed the incident over and over in my head – and I dot know who else to turn to about it. I… Continue reading

Building a better me for him and us

I was trawling through my old posts yesterday when I read one written many moons ago, when my grey hairs were less prominent and my little dude was still, well, little. Link It’s… Continue reading

A finalist? *blushes*

Morning everyone, worry not, I won’t keep you long. Ever since I started this whole blogging malarkey, I’ve enjoyed interacting with Love All Dads. From being one of their featured bloggers to moaning… Continue reading

I’m back… And I’m angry

Welcome back, sorry I’ve been away for so long, a combination of work and moving house has had me somewhat restricted in the blogosphere, but I’ll do my best to at least keep… Continue reading

Parental positivity (and the LoveAllDads podcast)

I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest on the LoveAllDads podcast recently. I’ve listened to the show for a good few months now, and after bothering them time and time again,… Continue reading

Tattoo taboo

Tattoos, body modification and everything else that fall under that umbrella are something that seem to polarise opinion somewhat. It’s rare that someone will think that they are just ‘okay’ or ‘don’t really… Continue reading

The perpetual panic of being a bad dad

It’s been a whirlwind month or so for my little fella. He’s gone from almost being able to crawl to covering ground like an Olympian, and now, as well as figuring out pulling… Continue reading

I shouldn’t do this, but…

I wasn’t going to write this post. I didn’t want to give its subject anymore publicity than she’s already had. It drives me mad that papers allow her to fill their pages and… Continue reading

Begone blog block

Right, enough is enough, I’ve been away too long. I won’t lie, I fell out of love with the whole blogging malarkey for a bit there. I started this journey to document my… Continue reading