A finalist? *blushes*

Morning everyone, worry not, I won’t keep you long.

Ever since I started this whole blogging malarkey, I’ve enjoyed interacting with Love All Dads. From being one of their featured bloggers to moaning at them time and time again until they allowed me to guest on the podcast, they have always been good to me.

And not just me of course. Their featured bloggers always provide quite brilliant content, and the site’s policy (for want of a better word) of promoting blogging dads means that us writers can reach an audience that would have probably been otherwise un available. They deserve a lot of praise for that.

So, it’s with great joy, that I’ve been nominated for in the Most Entertaining category in the Love All Dads Awards 2014.

I don’t know if the voting progress is a little like Big Brother and revealing your votes is a big no-no, but I’m delighted to see my pick for Best Dad Blog get his nomination, as well as my Non Dad Blog of choice, well done guys.

So this is my thanks to whoever nominated me. I’ll try to entertain you further in the future, and now that everything is sorted at home (barring a teething little boy) I’ll certainly be posting more regularly again.

See you all soon.


Love All Dads Awards Finalist

Couldn’t resist 😉