Begone blog block

Right, enough is enough, I’ve been away too long.

I won’t lie, I fell out of love with the whole blogging malarkey for a bit there. I started this journey to document my time with my little man, to write about each incredible step – but instead found myself on the lookout for review opportunities and somewhat abandoning the reason I wanted to start the blog.

It’s a shame really as the last month or so has been quite incredible. Alfie has gone from sometimes managing to sit up on his own to a crawling, standing, biting (well, ish) hero.

So from now on the blog is going back to basics. Telling our story.

I certainly don’t want to sound ungrateful for the review opportunities I’ve had. We have had some wonderful products and I can’t thank people enough for the chance to do so.

Now, however, it’s back to regular updates on everything that’s happening, if I can write them quick enough, Alfie is progressing at such a rate.

I’d also like to thank John Adams (@dadbloguk) who had some very kind words about me when I was struggling to find the motivation to continue. I really appreciated that.

So, onwards and upwards. We’ll call this LPlates Dad v.2.