Parental positivity (and the LoveAllDads podcast)

I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest on the LoveAllDads podcast recently. I’ve listened to the show for a good few months now, and after bothering them time and time again, they finally gave in and allowed me on.


The pod is a must listen for any dads, and has provided me with laughs aplenty and some interesting points to consider during my relatively short time as a dad myself. I’m not just waxing lyrical about it because I’ve now appeared on it, I’d recommend it to anyone. Search it on iTunes, or follow my link at the bottom of this blog.

While discussing my blog on the show, it was suggested that my writing makes me come across as quite anxious about all things dad related, and while I don’t think I’ve necessarily ever thought about it, that’s probably quite true.

The thing is, I’ve always been more comfortable writing about things that bother me. I actually struggled to write my post about spending a week enjoying time with my little boy, however much I treasure those memories. I don’t know what that says about me as an admittedly amateur writer.

It did get me thinking about myself though. I’d love to claim that I’m a happy-go-lucky, care-free kind of person, but to be totally honest, I’m not. I certainly used to be, when I was younger, but a series of bad choices has left me a little more wary of my decision making these days.


Of course the real reason behind my worrying is doing everything right for Alfie. I’m new to this whole parenting business and I just want to be a success as it. It’s why I read book after book before he was born, and immerse myself in the blogosphere on a daily basis to pick up useful tips and hints as I go. I’ve only got one chance to raise him, and I’m determined to do it well.

Personally I’ve had a few ups and downs over the last couple of months, be it work related, health wise or having to find a new place to live, but I’m determined that, once we move house this weekend, its a fresh start and its time for everything to start going right in my personal and family life, and I’d like the blog to reflect that.

Sure, I’ll still worry about things, and the occasional post may reflect that, but its time for a fresh outlook on life in a new home, and for me to unshackle myself a bit as a dad – let my baby boy be just that. Rip it up and start again, as the punk era (sadly before my time) told us to do.

Here’s to a new start, a new attitude, and a buoyant blog.