Perfect for little adventurers – Jetpack review

I’ve just had one of the most enjoyable weeks of my whole life. I’ve had a week off work to spend with my little boy and his mum – the first full seven days since my paternity leave – and it’s been absolutely brilliant.

There is a lot more of that to come on the blog soon.

However, this post is about our new backpack that has accompanied us every step of the way.


I’ve seen Harry and Jacks new Jetpack backpack advertised on Twitter, and was absolutely delighted to be asked if I would like to review one. Admittedly, the age range is a little older than Alfie – it is aimed at 3-6 year olds who can actually carry it around themselves, but its more than stylish enough for Daddy to enjoy carrying it around, and lightweight enough to be hung from the front of the pram without causing any manoeuvrability issues.


I fell in love with the bag the moment that I opened it. I’ve been wondering what kind of backpack I’d get for him, for when he starts going to daycare in September or begins nursery later down the line. It provided me with the chance to reminisce about the Thomas the Tank bag that used to go everywhere with me. It’s safe to say, thanks to the Jetpack, Alfie’s going to look way cooler than his Daddy ever did.

Small and lightweight enough for little arms to easily carry, it can also hold a surprising amount of stuff, from a family picnic for our day at the park, to all of his swimming stuff for our Water Babies lesson. It also, unintentionally, is perfectly shaped to put two baby bottles in the rockets on the back.


Either filled with essentials for a day out or nursery/school or just toys galore, this really is a fun product for little ones whose lives are filled with adventure on a daily basis – I can’t wait for my little man to pretend to be an astronaut with it – while being cool enough for me to be happy carrying it wherever we go – and for that reason alone, I can’t praise it enough.

The Jetpack – the brainchild of a stay-at-home mum and her husband, who were inspired by their own children’s imagination and love of adventure – is available from for a very affordable £29.99 – and is, in my opinion, totally worth the price.

Thumbs up if you love the Jetpack!

Thumbs up if you love the Jetpack!

Note: The Jetpack was sent to me to review – however all opinions are my own. I am under no obligation to give a positive review, but absolutely loved the Jetpack.