In the words of Ozzy Osbourne…

I recently had a friend who I haven’t seen for a couple of years come over to stay for a weekend. Circumstance, namely my formerly living in France, have kept us apart, and it was a real treat to catch up – and introduce him to my little boy.

What does this have to do with Ozzy Osbourne, I hear you ask, as images of him shouting “Shaaroooon” swim around your mind. Well, as Ozzy once sang, I’m going through changes. However, until seeing him, I didn’t really realise just to what extent.

When I was younger, and we were a bunch of lads enjoying ourselves with no responsibilities, I was always the daft one. You could rely on me to do something stupid – the time for instance that we went on holiday to Tenerife and I declared that I was going to stay awake for the whole two weeks. By the end of the second night I was blind drunk, telling my friend that Janet Jackson was going to sue him before stubbing into a grassy roundabout and falling asleep there until the next morning.

I’d always be the disorganised one, and if something went wrong for one of the group, it would inevitably be me. I kind of deserved the nickname ‘Dipshit’, and it stuck for a good few years.

But that was then, and this is now.

I suppose, to some extent, me and my better half are a cliched ‘go with the flow’ type and a super-careful worrier, and I’m certainly the latter of the two. But when it comes to my family, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do in order to make them happy and keep them safe. We still had a cracking night out on the town while he was here, so at least some things never change.

I may have changed a lot, and you know what, I’m thoroughly proud of who I have become. All of the jokes in the past may have been justified, but they’ll dry up quickly once people see me with my family – I’m incredibly proud of them too, and to be a part of our family unit.

No more Dipshit Dan, Daddy Dan is here to stay.