Who will my little boy be?

I imagine every parent, at some point, has asked themselves who their children will grow up to become.

As my little man has just turned six months, his personality is coming on leaps and bounds. He’s really found his voice, and its very rare that his face isn’t covered in the most beautiful of smiles.

Recently, I’ve begun wondering just who he will become.

His mum and I lived in France when we discovered he was on his way. Though I must admit to really missing the weather, we would have struggled with the language barrier had we stayed there – but there is no doubt that it would have shaped him into a completely different person than the one he is now destined to become.

We now live in Belfast, but face the prospect of, when he actually begins talking, having a house filled with two Barnsley accents and a Yorkshire/Belfast hybrid.

Belfast has, quite fairly, gained something of a reputation over the years, but it has moved out of the shadows of the Troubles and is a quite lovely city. I often find myself surprised and delighted by its beauty, and there is so much going on here compared to our sleepy former town in the South of France.



It would, admittedly, be nice if he could grow up closer to his extended family, but his grandparents visit regularly, and we are looking to return the favour soon.

At the end of the day, as long as my little man is happy, which at the moment he almost always is, it doesn’t matter at all to me where he picks up parts of his personality from. I’d like to think that, because he is so happy all of the time, his mum and I must be doing a reasonable job at the moment, and as long as we keep up our end of the bargain, things will continue to be great.

I will want it to be important to him to know where he’s from. Barnsley has a worst reputation than most places, but I’ve always proud if where I’m from, and I hope he feels the same way about Belfast.

Understanding his mum and dad’s life also means that, in a few years time, I’ll be taking him to Castres in the South of France so that he can see where we used to live. I’ve been planning that trip since long before he was born.

Being a parent has been the most rewarding, most exciting and most enjoyable adventure I’ve ever had, and discovering just who my little boy is going to grow up to be is the next chapter in that tale.

I can’t wait.