My little mummy’s boy is branching out

Although I knew that my little man would be all about his mum for the first few months of his life, it’s still not been easy to not feel a little jealous of the bond that they shared.

By no means does he not enjoy his time with me, however if he was upset, or refusing to eat, or just over tired, I’d always have to pass him over to his mum in order for him to be able to settle down. She could soothe him in ways that I couldn’t.

However, in the last couple of weeks, things have changed slightly. One night, as he got agitated by not being able to sleep despite being extremely tired, he dropped off in my arms while I sang to him. I know it sounds like nothing, and happens to most parents most days of the week, but it was a special moment for me.


Ever since, he’s letting daddy become a much bigger part in all of the things that he does and enjoys.

It’s the little things that really mean the most. If someone asks him where Da Da is he will look around the room until he sees me, and thanks to a long weekend off work that I’ve just had, now genuinely enjoys my company – and let’s me feed him with no hassle. Again it doesn’t sound like much – but it means we can be together on our own and I’ll never have anything to worry about.

He will be six months old in a few days time, and as many have said before me, and many will say again, I can’t believe just how quickly he’s growing up.

I’m just delighted that, after a few mum-orientated months, my little man has really started to enjoy being with his daddy too.