Ever expanding…

The title of this blog has something of a double meaning.

Since the birth of my little man, everything has been expanding in a way.

I never thought I could love anyone or anything like I love my new family. It surprises me on a daily basis just how utterly besotted I am with them. I never realised, when I was young and stupid or stuck in an abusive relationship with a woman that I despised that life could ever be this good. Even in my wildest dreams I never thought I would even get close to being as happy as I am.

You could say that my heart is constantly expanding. Forever getting bigger to try and accommodate the feelings that I have for my baby boy and his mum. For how life has turned out.

Unfortunately that’s not the main focus of this post, even though I could write about it to dissertation lengths.

The other part of me that has been steadily expanding for months is my waistline.

I’m sure that its not uncommon for new parents to put on a little weight. A chronic lack of sleep combined with convenient foods, too many takeaways and a distinct lack of energy will take its toll on anyone. How anyone finds the time to go to the gym with a newborn in the house is beyond me, but if you did, then I salute you.


I haven’t been what people would describe as slim since I was about 11 years old. I’m not hugely proud of the way that I am, but its also never really got me down either, until now.

After my little man was born, I became lazy with eating. The afore-mentioned takeaways were just too easy to ignore, rather than trying to find the time to cook, never mind the time to sit down and eat properly.

To be honest it kind of snuck up on me. I didn’t realise just how big I had become until, all of a sudden, almost all of my clothes no longer fit. For the first time in my life I was forced to buy clothes with an X on the label, and recycle the same four or five shirts throughout the week as the others just wouldn’t fit. It was an upsetting moment, and it provided me with the turning point that I’ve needed so badly.

I don’t want to be huge. I don’t want to get tired playing with my little boy, or not be able to enjoy my time with him because of my belly. When he’s a little older, I want to be able to run around the park with him or play football in the garden. I don’t want to have to stand and watch from afar as he grows up because I haven’t kept myself in good enough condition to enjoy it with him.

I tried joining a gym but that was no good. As someone who gets up almost during the middle of the night to get to work so he can be home early, I just have no desire to spend more time away from my little man than is utterly necessary, so I needed a new plan.

The wheels are now in motion. Junk food is out of the window, with a Weight Watchers recipe book in its place. I’ve been eating fruit like it’s going out of fashion. Beers at home have been replaced by glasses of water, and I’ll spend a decent amount of time each evening in my new exercise bike. I’m not exactly going to be doing the Tour de France to begin with, but everyone has to start somewhere. Things are changing.


Parenthood is an incredible journey, and now I set down another side path while on that trip. It’s time to get in shape.

This could be a bumpy ride.